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Connect to Art. Connect to Los Angeles.

Mural Map LA will connect you to the streets of Los Angeles and transform the way you see our city.

LA is home to the most creative and artistic people in the world. The unique and beautiful stories of these diverse lives are reflected on the walls and infrastructure all around. This map helps us see our surroundings more clearly to better understand each other, ourselves, and this incredible city we share.

To date, this map features over 150 murals representing dozens of artists with new murals added weekly and retired murals commemorated. Download this ever-evolving Google Maps Layer to infuse LA arts and culture in your day to day life!

Art functions as both metaphor and manifestation: It promises a better future while creating a more rewarding city in the present. - mark Stryker

New to Los Angeles in November of 2014, the street art throughout the city immediately impacted me. The vastness and enormity of Los Angeles was challenged by the colorful artwork dotted all around the city, masterfully weaving community and history and personal story together. In my daily pursuit of finding new murals, I was constantly discovering new depths to this city and grew comfortable in a way I hadn't imagined. I came to understand Los Angeles as a patchwork of neighborhoods with unique identities woven together by the artwork - our collective vision for a better future painted all around us.

I snapped hundreds and hundreds of photos of the street art and slowly began posting the pictures to my own Instagram. I wanted others to be able to find this art and see it the way I had. I would act as a docent to the streets, drawing attention to murals from memory as I navigated with company in tow. My own connection to community developed through street art - I knew this could be true for others too. 

Street Art gives voice to Los Angeles; murals pay tribute to our shared stories, histories, memories and they articulate our collective visions for the future. This resource is dedicated to highlighting the murals throughout Los Angeles and uplifting the possibility for connection in our streets.

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